Erasmus Mundus, the exchange of European students around the world:

Aimed at students preparing for a Master or PhD level, and wishing to go abroad to study abroad , the Erasmus Mundus program was created at the end of 2003 to meet the growing needs of students to study abroad. world.

Which Master or PhD to study abroad via Erasmus Mundus

The diploma prepared by the student must be present in at least 3 different countries within the EU, and bear the Erasmus Mundus label. This currently concerns more than a hundred different master’s degrees and about twenty doctoral degrees throughout the European Union. During the exchange with the host university, the final obtaining of the diploma will be at least double, that is to say that you will obtain a double degree, one of the French university, and one of your university of Home. However, France itself currently only has 30 masters and 4 doctorates with the Erasmus Mundus label.

In which country to leave with the Erasmus Mundus program?

Erasmus Mundus, studying outside Europe

There is no defined list of countries accessible through the Erasmus Mundus program , for the simple reason that, depending on the degree you have prepared, you will only have access to a limited number of countries and universities that have signed a partnership only in the context of this specific training. You will understand that it is impossible to give a general list, and that this must be done on a case by case basis. 

If you want a list of the different Masters with the Erasmus Mundus label, go to the website of the European Education and Communication Agency (in English). The same list is available for doctorates related to the Erasmus Mundus program.

Erasmus Mundus, funding and scholarships:

Like the Erasmus program, Erasmus Mundus offers scholarships to its students, but this is not done systematically. As you can see on the official website of the Erasmus Mundus program, the State for lack of budget, has removed the scholarship of fifteen masters with the Erasmus Mundus label, which is almost half of the Master’s degrees. this type.

Erasmus Mundus, the program in the end

The program seems to be in its infancy, and to have some difficulties to open to the greatest number. It remains rather confidential and intended for a very large minority of students, who, if they benefit from partnerships, do not necessarily receive help from the State. Overall, the implementation seems more laborious than for the Erasmus program, but do not hesitate to inquire and take advantage of the program if you have the opportunity!

To see all the news and updates of the program, visit the official French website of the Erasmus Mundus program.

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