Verdict and new proposals for the 2016 PDB

Third and final phase of admission post bac this Thursday, July 14th. All candidates will have to choose their training to continue their studies. Explanations.

End of the suspense for new graduates: the results of the third and final phase of admission post bac on the platform APB – NB: since redesigned and become the platform Parcoursup  –  takes place this Thursday, July 14. Candidates who had not yet received a favorable response from the various courses chosen to continue their studies after the baccalaureate, or who had not yet validated their final choice, will discover the latest proposals proposed to them. Appointment at 14 hours on the website Admission Post Bac . 

While some have validated their future training in a definitive way for some time, sometimes even before having obtained their baccalaureate results, others were still waiting for candidates to withdraw and for places to be vacated in the desired formations. This Thursday, roulette will be running for the last time this year and will distribute one last time the remaining available places to the candidates in contention, always trying to satisfy both candidates and universities and other training centers. Candidates will then have until July 19 14 hours to confirm their choice for one of the formations that will be proposed to them.

As in the previous two sessions, candidates must go to the APB website with their login and code to access their profile. After having consulted the various proposals which are offered to them, they will have to approve one by ticking the box “yes definitive”, not to be confused with the “yes but”, only valid during the first two turns. It is imperative to answer before July 19 14 hours otherwise, the registration will be canceled and the candidate eliminated, exceptin some specific cases, such as when the candidate “is waiting for a contract for apprenticeship training (admitted subject to contract) and has a proposal for admission to a training under school status still in ‘yes but’ After the 3rd phase, it is advisable to register with the institution offering training under a school status.The choice of apprenticeship training remains valid.This is the only case where the answer ‘yes but ‘is possible until September,’ says one on

Once the candidates have validated their choice by the famous “yes definite”, they will have to directly follow with the administrative entries. For those left without proposal, they will have to go directly to knock on the doors of the desired institutions to run for office. Once again, there is a deadline, September 9 at midnight. It will then be up to the institutions to render their verdict, before September 15, midnight. 

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