2016 baccalaureate: good scholarships and bonuses, with or without mention

Local bonuses, regional or state scholarships … The post-baccalaureate could reserve good surprises to those who have won a mention, and sometimes even to others.

Gifts, medals, euros … The result of the vat 2016 can reserve some good surprises. The regions and departments, but also the town halls or the State give each year scholarships and bonuses to the most deserving graduates. After the publication of the results, the time is therefore in search of these good plans and their generous donors.

Often awarded to the most deserving, the rewards sometimes do not make so many distinctions, as for this measure taken in the Pays de la Loire: the holders of the 2016 bac, whether or not obtained a mention, will be able to benefit from journeys free in TER. However, the measure concerns only the first 1000 to register on the siteto make the request. If this gesture lasts for a week of consecutive trips, some of the bonuses may actually allow you to start higher education with a good reserve of funds. It is advisable to consult the sites of regions, departments or town halls as well as the billboards of high schools. Local information is also to be scrutinized. It is also advisable to contact the services concerned as of the week of the results of the vat.

Here are some other examples of what you could gain alongside the valuable diploma:

  • For the “mentions très bien”
  • All those who have obtained a very good distinction in the baccalaureate can theoretically benefit from the Merit Aid for Higher Education for the 2016-2017 school year. This is 900 euros awarded in 9 monthly installments. Paid by social criteria, it nevertheless requires having filed a student social file (DSE) and preparing to integrate a higher institution. Its renewal is however to be confirmed.
  • A device “best graduates” also exists. It allows bachelor’s graduates who have obtained the best average mark in the 2016 baccalaureate in their institution to integrate selective courses. It is via an electronic message sent to your APB account that you will know whether you can benefit from this additional measure. Attention, you have only 48 hours to respond favorably.
  • In Ile de France

900 euros from the state + 900 euros from the region are reserved for the best students in the region from low-income families. Attention, you must also be enrolled in a higher education institution in the Paris region to benefit from it.

The department reserves a bonus of 500 euros to holders of mentions very well, on social criteria. The owners of the baccalaureate in the Yvelines can for some touch up to 2,300 euros. You should receive a letter from your school about this.  

For the future ex-students who live in Montrouge, in the Hauts-de-Seine, and have obtained the mention very well in the baccalaureate, the town provides a voucher of 800 euros. To be used to provide computer equipment, to pay for driving lessons or to enroll in a graduate school. Holders of a “simple” mention well should not be too frustrated, since they are entitled to a voucher of 400 euros.

In Puteaux in the Hauts-de-Seine, no need to have more than a mention good enough to enjoy the favors of the town hall. Nominative Medal of the currency of Paris but also holster to keep his diploma and even … a selfie pole, are offered to graduates putéoliens. As well as a significant aid of 610 euros to lighten the cost of the passage of the driving license.

In Courbevoie, in the Hauts-de-Seine, gift vouchers have been distributed since 2010 for bachelors who have obtained a mention very well or well. They reach 100 euros for the first, 50 for the second.

In Villemomble, in Seine-Saint-Denis, 300 euros are granted to the lucky holders of a very good mention. 150 euros to those of a good mention.

In Vesoul, Haute-Saone, the tidy sum of 1000 euros is offered to the lucky holders of a very good mention! This “municipal merit scholarship” is granted without means test. 

In Delle, in the Territoire de Belfort, vouchers of 50 euros are offered to all holders of mentions.

In Oyonnax, in the department of Ain, gift vouchers totaling 120 euros per bachelor are distributed to all those having obtained a mention.

In the new Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the new president Laurent Wauquiez (LR) has pledged to provide the sum of 500 euros to the holders of a very good distinction. What benefit from several awards for the holders of the highest distinction who also live in Oyonnax …

In the Alpes-Maritimes, bonuses of 200 euros are awarded to “mentions très bien”.

If you live in Nice and have obtained the distinction very well, you can accumulate twice 200 euros: those offered by the county council, and those issued by the town hall. The latter attributes indeed a “price of the city of Nice”. You have until October 14, 2016 to request this boost from her.

In Cannes, a municipal jury selects bachelors with the highest honors AND having chosen a course of excellence as a course. They also scrutinize the course of the former high school student. The amounts awarded go up to 3,000 euros, the “Prix d’Excellence Jacqueline de Romilly”. Contact the Youth Information Office . Regarding the premium paid by the Alpes-Maritimes, you should receive a letter.

In the department of Charente, 200 euros must reward each mention very well.

In Ollioules, in the Var, 180 euros are distributed to each bachelor of the town, whether he had a mention or not.

The department has not yet communicated on the amount of rewards now allocated to “Bachelors-Mention very well” but must do so very soon.

In Guadeloupe, the General Council gives an award of excellence to the high school student who has won more than 18 in the baccalaureate … It gives right to a purse of 3 960 € + a high-tech device + a plane ticket A / R for The city. And this every year, during all the time that studies last (!). As for the Region, it grants a “President’s Award Regional Council” to all graduates who have won the mention very well. While analyzing other criteria, such as current behavior, regularity of work, social conditions or family context … From the month of July, € 1,500 are paid to each selected student.

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