The CREPUQ program, the mobility of French students to Quebec:

The CREPUQ program, or the Conference of Rectors and Principals of Quebec Universities, aims to help French students to move within Quebec universities . French students can go every year to a partner university in Quebec, where they complete a year of study.

What are the entry requirements for the CREPUQ program?

To be able to carry out this program, you must have at least been enrolled in a French university attached to this program and have studied there for one year. If you would like to join an English-speaking university in Quebec ( List of Quebec universities ), you must have a sufficient level of English, which will be attested either by an Internet test at the French university, or by a test. official English language, such as TOEFL or TOEIC (approximately 80/120 to TOEFL).

The advantages of the CREPUQ program:

CREPUQ, study in Quebec with the exchange program

The major advantage of the CREPUQ program is that you will not have to pay the tuition fees of the universities of Quebec , when you register, which will save you about 2500 euros compared to a traditional student, although Quebec has naturally an agreement with French students to have their tuition fees at the Quebec student level be approximately $ 3000 Canadian. You will still have to pay the registration to the French university which amounts to 400 euros in 2011.

Warning ! The CREPUQ program does not follow a scholarship awarded to French students, although it is still possible to apply for grants awarded by the Canadian government, but only from the master level.

The second advantage is the simplification of the procedures compared to non-program students , since your university will take care of the majority of the administrative procedures for you.

What are the steps for the CREPUQ program?

Study in Quebec with CREPUQ

Vo us must go to the International Office at your university and talk directly with the person in charge of such partnerships . The best thing to do is to discuss it with your teachers at first, to evaluate your chances of departure, to contact the international relations office by e-mail, and then to make an appointment after you have been informed beforehand. . 

Your university may also set up one or more conferences concerning this program, with teachers, speakers from Quebec universities, and alumni who have participated in the program, to better explain how it works and what it takes expect.

The deadline for submission of applications is often mid-January / late-January, so do not hesitate to do so as soon as possible.

Which Quebec universities are accessible via the CREPUQ program?

Here is a list of the different universities accessible through the CREPUQ program. Know that according to the French university you join and its partnerships, only a part of these universities will be accessible to you.

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