Education USA, helping students to study in the United States:

Education USA is not an exchange program like Erasmus , nor a program offering financial support for French students wishing to study in the USA. Education USA is an international network of information on the US university system affiliated with the US State Department. In France, the network is represented by the EducationUSA center of the Franco-American Commission in Paris.

These services are divided into two categories, services available free of charge and those where financial compensation is required. In terms of free help, we find the site Fullbright France which offers a very complete documentation to download for free , as well as the possibility to send your questions by email.

In terms of paid services if you want to go further, a phone call to contact a consultant will cost you 0.34 euros per minute, while a meeting of 30 to 45 minutes will cost you 20 euros. The center is not open during the summer holidays, and the holiday season.

No financial assistance will be provided directly , although the organization will not hesitate to inform you about the scholarships available and those you could benefit from.

Education USA, what is the help provided?

There is only one Education USA center in France , managed by two advisers from the network. Their goal is to help you in: 

  • knowledge of the American university system
  • the construction of a project of studies in the United States
  • the steps and procedures to enter an American university
  • obtaining a scholarship 
  • Obtaining the appropriate US visa for your project
  • information about the life of an American student

All these actions are undertaken objectively and independently and will not attempt to influence you. If you would like more information about their services, visit the Education USA official website.

The Franco-American Commission is a bilateral agency subsidized by the US government and the French government. In addition to the EducationUSA Center, she is responsible for the management of the Fulbright program, a fellowship program to study or do research in the United States.

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