Do an internship in software development at Google in Canada

Google development engineers produce the technologies for future generations, and are at the forefront of innovation. Every day, they work to change the way each web user connects, explores, and broadens with content and other users. Faced with a growing use of Google tools, many challenges ahead are waiting for you to meet them!

Each year, Google opens its doors to many trainees , and the new selection period for software development internships has just been launched. If you want to join Google’s workforce in Canada through a paid internship, now is the time to apply!

Depending on your background and experiences, you will support critical functions of software engineering at Google in the following departments:

  • Systems and products development
  • Engineering productivity development
  • Product quality development

What are the criteria for applying for a developer internship at Google Canada?

In order to apply for internships in software development, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Be presently in a course related to Computer Science at the Master’s or PhD level
  • Be currently a full-time student in which you will return once the internship period at Google Canada is complete

Other optional requirements but recommended by Google are mentioned:

  • Experience in programming systems or algorithms
  • Be familiar with TCP / IP as well as network programming
  • Have knowledge of UNIX / Linux or the Windows environment
  • Have excellent coding skills in C ++, Java or Python

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